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"Evening of Hope": for education and Lebanon!

On the occasion of the "Evening of Hope" charity dinner held on 10 June 2024, at the esplanade of the Sursock Museum in Beirut, Philippe Jabre took part in this important fundraising event to support Amideast's mission to promote education for all.

The organization supports a variety of educational projects, offering thousands of Lebanese and international students the opportunity to learn and pursue their studies.

In this sense, solidarity is at the heart of Philippe Jabre's action, as he supports the APJ and the Arc en Ciel organization, facilitating numerous initiatives in the cultural, health and education sectors.

In addition to helping the Lebanese, it's also a way of strengthening social ties and promoting a spirit of mutual aid and sharing!

Our impact lies in joining forces. That's why we pledge our full support to this type of charity evening, which helps students and families to pursue their dreams, thus contributing to Lebanon's future!