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Frequently Asked

If the application is accepted, what is the percentage of the amount awarded?

There are no predetermined percentages or amounts. These are assessed and decided upon on a case-by-case basis.

If I have a scholarship from another association, can I still apply for financial aid from APJ?

For studying within Lebanon, we prefer that students take a scholarship from one association to give a chance to others. For studying abroad, since the cost of education is considerably higher, APJ will consider such an application on a case-by-case basis.

How will I know if my application has been accepted?

All applicants will receive a response by email or phone after the committee has evaluated their application.

For students who are abroad, can I receive the full scholarship amount at once, in the 1st semester?

No. For those studying abroad, APJ requires regular updates concerning academic performance and proof of registration, hence the split of the grant into two parts (Fall and Spring).

I have applied to universities but not yet received a reply. Can I still apply for an APJ scholarship?

Yes. You can and should SUBMIT your application dossier already, and then send in your university acceptance letter as soon as you have it.

What is the eligibility criteria for applying for a scholarship?

Kindly refer to the Scholarship Eligibility Criteria in the “What We Do” section (homepage): University Scholarships.

I’m a Grade 12 (Terminale) student, or PhD level. Can I apply for a scholarship from APJ?

As of academic year 2022-2023, the committee has decided to shift its focus on Master’s Degrees.

If I have any missing documents (acceptance letters, grades, family registry record, recommendation letters, etc.) can I still submit my application?

You SHOULD SUBMIT your application before the May 31st deadline. Any other missing document can be sent to us later via e-mail and will be uploaded to your application.

Is it a full scholarship?

It’s not a full scholarship as it only covers part of the tuition fees and expenses of the student. Also, we must specify that we do not cover internships, summer courses, Freshman years, workshops, SATs, tickets, passports or Visas.