Supporting Institutions

It does not depend on us not to be poor, but it still depends on us to uphold our poverty. Voltaire

Supporting Institutions

During the past ten years, many relationships have been established and a contribution for the benefit of associations, organizations, and charitable, educational, religious, medical, and cultural organizations, has been added to individual aid. These institutions share   APJ with the same values and visions.


Promote community action and development.

Target Groups

Any ecclesiastical, educational, medical, social or cultural institution  whose mission is well defined and whose activities are:

  • To meet the real needs of the Lebanese society,
  • To improve living conditions and health,
  • To raise the level of education,
  • To contribute to the protection of the environment
  • To promote artistic and cultural action.

Programs of services offered must:

  • Combat  poverty.
  • Protect children and youth.
  • Provide resources for education.
  • Help families and individuals in crisis.
  • Help people with disabilities.