Socio-Medical Aid

It does not depend on us not to be poor, but it still depends on us to uphold our poverty. Voltaire Voltaire

Socio- Medical aid divides into two parts:


The Medical Aid


Ensure that everyone in need shall have the opportunity to seek treatment.


Target group:

Any  patient not receiving medical coverage.


The amounts allocated may cover:

  • Purchase of medicines.
  • Purchase of the equipment.
  • Analyses.
  • Imaging.
  • Hospitalization.
  • Surgery.

Trust relationships between hospitals and PJ A enable effective and fast collaboration. This is to the satisfaction of patients, who are mostly in difficult situations. The responses are given quickly, especially in urgent cases.


School Aid


  • Support the Lebanese families in need by providing assistance that will alleviate the burden of school fees.
  • Allow children to have the right to education.


Target Group:

Any Lebanese family failing to provide schooling for her children.


Two types of aid are granted:

  • Assistance provided in emergencies, this assistance is usually punctual and doesn’t need any Follow- up.

  • A continuous and long-term aid, which ceases only with the end of conditions that caused it.