Historical Overview

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Historical Overview

Even after the reconstruction process, Lebanon's post-war economy   has been in crisis for years: poverty is increasing, the middle class disappeared, the cost of living is expensive, "get treatment" or "acquire training" is done with difficulty.


Faced with an alarming situation, and with inadequate means officially deployed to confront the crisis, social solidarity initiatives prove unavoidable. Philippe Jabre, undertaking for years   many sponsorship initiatives, decided to professionalize and institutionalize his activities by creating a specialized structure whose purpose would be to help the poorest.

Helping young Lebanese who do not, or no longer have the means to build their future projects, easing the burden of those who support them, provide socio-medical aid, such are the objectives of the action of Philippe Jabre.

APJ has been created in 2001 with the mission of giving the disadvantaged an access to education and health. Founded in 2001, Philippe Jabre Association   is officially recognized by the Ministry of the Interior , on  June 11, 2003, under number 90 / AD.


To avoid marginal costs and profit from the economy of scale, JPA has decided to use the premises, equipment (offices, photocopies, computers ...) and rely on human resources (doctors, social workers, employees or volunteers ...) of Arcenciel, one of the organizations that APJ supports.

The team of Arcenciel has been made aware of the actual aspirations and activities of APJ.

APJ is an independent entity and different from but closely related to Arcenciel:

  •     Book-keeping independent from that of Arcencial is held.
  •     Bank accounts Independent of those of Arcenciel  were created: one for university scholarships, one for scholarships in schools, one for socio-medical aid , and one for institutional aid.
  •     A filing and archiving system of all supporting documents and records concerning each of the users has been set up.


APJ has opted for the same policy as Arcenciel that is to provide work for users for the benefit of users (person in trouble to serve the person in difficulty).


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