Eligibility Criteria

It does not depend on us not to be poor, but it still depends on us to uphold our poverty. Voltaire

Eligibility Criteria

Scholarship Request

The eligibility criteria for a university scholarship are based on the actual needs of candidates.


The society being what it is, the "university scholarships" budget is distributed as follows: 80% for students who meet the criteria; 10% social cases; 10% for exceptional cases.


Are considered to meet the criteria of APJ:

Lebanese candidates.

Those with high score of school grades or academic standing: the level of excellence is required.

Those who do not have the means to pursue higher education, especially those who have none because of the socio-economic situation after the war.

The choice of university is often a determining factor in professional success and is one of the APJ criteria.

Specialization is a non-constant criterion that will be evaluated based on market needs every year..

An analytical study of previous years is carried out and quotas are decided according to this analysis.

The selection criteria are scored.

This evaluation system is now systematically applied, apart from social and exceptional cases.

The deadlines for applications are fixed and unchanging whatever the intervene was: interview, analysis, study and folders decisions.