Association Performance

After bread, education is the first need of the people. Georges Jacques Danton

Association Performance

Administrative structure:

APJ is composed of a General Assembly and a Board of Directors.


Active Team:

Consultation and participation are the foundations of an action, supported mostly by a team of people who have clearly expressed their will to excel in the direction that the association has set.


Target groups:

  • Young Lebanese wishing to pursue studies or specializations in Lebanon or abroad.
  • Lebanese patients in need of medical care and not covered by another social insurance scheme.
  • Institutions active in Lebanon (associations, mutual societies, hospitals, colleges, universities, cultural organizations, etc.).


Mode of performance:

The association is a non-profit organization whose activities are designed to meet the real needs of the Lebanese society. It engages fully in its mission by providing moral and material assistance to anyone in need, without any distinction except the fair justice.